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You know what’s out there. The things that go bump in the night. However, you aren’t here to tuck tail between your legs and run. You’ve decided to fight back. In fact, family or the community you came from has a long history of taking back the night. Be it from blood sucking leeches that spontaneously combust in daylight, or furries who have moon lust or morons who had used too much toilet paper to wrap their desiccated husks, you know how to deal with these things.

You don’t fear the night. The night fears you. Of course, you do actually have a few run-ins with the law because not everyone believes you. Of course taking monsters out disguised as people also might have something to do with it.

o Recruit – gain the following: Mentor 3, Contacts 2, Safe Place 1

o o Veteran – gain the following: Mentor 2, Contacts 3, Safe Place 2

o o o Hunter – gain the following: , Contacts 4, Safe Place 3, Small Unit Tactics
Drawback: Wanted Criminal for Murder and Homocide

Network Zero

You’ve seen them on the camera and videos with horrible quality. This was how you started. You peeped at the supernatural and know more than the average human. These things are real and they’re out to get all of us.

But no one listens to you. You can’t convince them so you take matters into your own hands and use surveillance to record the nightly activities of the supernatural world.

Unfortunately, your snooping around hasn’t gone unnoticed. You’ve gotten a few warning knocks on your door at midnight. Claw marks and gashes inside of your room when you wake up. They are warning you. They want you to back off so you do, but that doesn’t mean that you stop everything you’ve done. So you wait to bide your time and take as much video as possible hoping that one day…one day you’ll show the world that there are monsters and they should take up arms against them.

o Recruit: Eye for the Strange Merit, Contacts 3, Occult +1, Computer +2

o o Member: Eye for the Strange Merit, Contacts 4, Allies 1, Occult +2, Computer +2

o o o Organizer: Eye for the Strange Merit, Contacts 5, Allies 2, Occult +3, Computer +2
Drawback: Monitored by gov’t agencies eg. FBI, CIA, ect.


Your mother and father are the salt and so are you. You know what it’s like harvesting crops and fields and living in less than hygienic environments. While things aren’t sunny your family is definitely close knit, because they’re the only things you got.

One night, however, something happens one of your siblings or parents have gone missing never to be seen again. At first, you think it might be some gang/mob hit. Perhaps they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But, one day somebody tells you otherwise.

o Member – Allies 1, Anonymity 1,

o o Veteran – Allies 2, Anonymity 2

o o o Hunter – Allies 3, Anonymity 3
Drawback. Cannot purchase resource.


You know that there’s another world beyond this. You also know where these things come from. As a result, the exposure to these horrid realities have unhinged your mind slightly but has given you an increased awareness of the veil between realities. At the same time this ability has given you an understanding of eldritch designs and forces and has given you the ability to manipulate them…clumsily.

o Initiate – + 1 Merits for dots gifted psychic powers, + 1 Willpowe

o o Adept – + 1 Merits dots for gifted psychic powers, Mentor 1

o o o Exemplar – + 1 Merits dots for gifted psychic powers, Mentor 2, Ascension
Drawback: Gain an Insanity, gain addiction

Notes: Please do not that the cost of buying faction merits during character creation is equal to the dots (eg. 1st dot = cost 1, 2nd dot = cost 2, 3rd dot = cost 3)
So if you buy 3 dots of membership during character creation it will cost 6 merit during creation.

Main Page

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